Type 2 Diabetes & stigma

In December 2017 I was invited to speak at the International Diabetes Federation Congress in Abu Dhabi. My presentation was as part of a symposium titled “Diabetes and stigma” in the "Living with Diabetes" stream. This is my slide deck from the presentation.

Is pricing agility challenging mutual values?

A revolution in data management is driving change in the way for-profit insurers are pricing risk, throwing down a challenge to the values of the mutual sector. Is now the time for Mutuals to revisit their own approach to pricing?  

This is based on an article for the  that my colleague Neil Chapman & I wrote.

Digital technology, big data and the mutual sector

Mutual and cooperative insurers have justifiable pride in the high levels of service they offer to their members. But, with improved and deeper customer relationships being a key focus for the commercial sector’s application of technology and so-called ‘big data’, are you ready to repel the threat to even long-held customers’ loyalties asks Robin Swindell.

Joining the fight against Type 2 diabetes

The theme of the 2007 Diabetes Week is Know diabetes, fight diabetes so in this blog I’m going to first talk about my journey to  learn more about my Type 2 discuss some of this things I think all of us whose lives are impacted by diabetes should be fighting for.

Diabetes UK; The food you love, but healthier

In May 2017 Diabetes UK launched a campaign called "The Food You Love" which aims to get people thinking healthily and creatively in the kitchen. I was one of five people who shared healthy versions of some of the nation’s favourite recipes like fish and chips and apple strudel. Alongside these recipes and video tutorials, people who sign up also received healthy eating tips, meal planners and more.

Why I don't feel like a patient; Managing my Type 2 Diabetes

When we think about the experience of someone with T2D, it is important to remember that the time we spend with healthcare professionals represents just a fraction of the total experience. For the rest of the time, we are very much on our own, so equipping us with the knowledge, skills and motivation to manage our conditions is always key to successful outcomes.