Team Blood Glucose inspires people living with and at risk of developing diabetes to understand why Movement Matters. They help people at all levels of fitness to be more active by providing education, peer support and the opportunity for #OutPerformingDiabetes

GBDOC - The Great Britain Diabetes Online Community

#gbdoc was created by People With Diabetes (PWD) for People With Diabetes in Great Britain. Anyone, with any ‘type’ of diabetes, anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re a person living with diabetes (PWD), a parent, carer, employer, friend or family member; the #gbdoc is there to help you communicate with others both newly diagnosed and long-time PWD, to learn, to teach, and to share stories with others who “just get it”.  Others who personally understand the challenges; physical, emotional and mental. Others who understand the day to day issues that managing a lifelong chronic condition brings.